Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Fun!

We are getting ready for our holiday events, so today i took tabs on what we had as far as bikes for our bike sale. A few good bikes, which will hopefully be helpful to some folks. We are more than happy to take bike donations now, and i will be working on bikes this weekend and for the next two weeks getting ready for the sale. Let me know if you want to hangout in the cold and work on small bicycles outside. It's really really fun. here are some photos of our bike piles...

November's Really Really Free Market: Saturday the 29th

Richmond's Really Really Free Market is happening again soon!
Check it out if you are around this weekend!

Saturday November 29th.
Noon til 5
Monroe Park
Corner of Main and Laurel
804 300 0023
www. myspace. com/rvafreemarket

Friday, November 21, 2008

New email address

Wow, things are so exciting around here that writing about or new email address is big news. Due to the difficulty of the massive amounts of m's and o's in mobookmobikemobile, we have changed our email address. It will now officially be

But i will keep checking the other email forever, so no worries. Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bike Sale! $5 each!

Since we don't have a specific place to donate our bikes to this holiday season, we have decided to hold a bike sale, and sell everything for 5 bucks, so we are encouraging poeople to come out and get a bike for someone they know, a family member, neighbor, that might not be able to get one for the holiday season or that really needs one to get around on all the time.

Saturday December 13th
The Clothes Rack
2618 W. Cary St.
12-4 PM

Oh, and books will be free still, so grab an arm load of those as well to give out or keep for yourself to read over the winter!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Book Drive and Volunteer Day: December 7th

The holidays are coming up and we would like to do a few things to prepare:

1.Organize our books
2. Donate books to local charities
3. Donate our bicycles to local charities

And we could use a little help! On Sunday December 7th from 12-4 pm Books on Wheels will be in the Ukrop's Parking Lot in Carytown (3255 W. Cary St.) organizing our books to donate to local charities and taking any book donations that people have. What we are asking of people is this:

If anyone knows of any local charities that want loads of books or children's bicylces (or a few adult bikes) PLEASE contact us!! We have a bunch to give this season

If anyone would like to come out and help organize the books to donate, PLEASE come hangout on this Sunday. We promise smiles, maybe some hot drinks,good conversation, and lots of cardboard boxes.

If anyone has any books to donate, this would be a great time to drop them off with us! Or, as always we take donations all the time at Chop Suey Tuey in Carytown (across the street from the Byrd Theater) during their open hours

If anyone wants to come say hi, check out the buses (both with be there), buy a t-shirt, or just stand around in a cold parking lot on your day off, you are more than welcome!!!!

We are really excited about this event!!!