Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Books on Wheels at Girls and Boys Club of Metro Richmond!

Thanks for having us!

Art Show and Kickstarter Project Party!


Diorama-Rama: Artwork by Leanna Bell and Wine-to Water Benefit. Join us on Friday, April 6th from 6-9 p.m. at Books, Bikes, and Beyond Thrift store. Leanna (Lauren) Bell has created dioramas made ONLY from items donated to the thrift store.Cash bar sales go to benefit Wine-to-Waterwww.winetowater.org.

Also, come check out the Books on Wheels van decorated after our successful Kickstarter Project.

Books on Wheels Benefit at Cellar Door!


Thanks to all our Kisckstarter Project Supporters!

Thanks to all those who donated to our recently successful Kickstarter Project!Johnny Hugel, Jason Laferrera, Jason Lefton, Billy Sorrentino, Robert, Emily Monroe, Gillian Maniscaclo, Brannon Via, Richmond Bargins, Evelyn Zak, Paperback Worm, Anna Golden, Beth Demmon Ivey, Pizza Tonight, Mike O’Rourke, Elle Dmytrzyn, Miles Jones, Tom Inne, Janet Lundy, Mark Ryan, Annie Burtoff, Luke Stevens, Patricia Palmer Sellinger, Anna Golden, Ashton A, Joshua Poteast, Blake Guthrie, Sylvia Whiting, Brian McDaniel, John Huynh, Tony Foresta, Seth McCauley, Anda, Kate Duffy, Joshua Jones, Sam Wright Michael Kafantaris

New Books on Wheels T-Shirts!

Available at Books, Bikes, and Beyond Thrift Store for $10!
7 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Van Decorations Mock-Up

This is what the van should look like after we get the magnets made. I love that they will be moveable so the look of the van will change. Thanks to Barf for all the art and ideas.

New T-shirt!

By Barf.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Thanks to BIG SECRET for providing these laser-etched pencils which every backer will receive as an added bonus! They can be found online at http://bigsecretwebsite.com

Monday, February 13, 2012