Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Project Homeless Connect in Richmond

This is a great organization that we worked with last year. I couldn't make the event, but Ward and a friend went and said they were able to give away a bunch of books and fix some bikes for some folks.

"Project Homeless Connect matches clients with volunteers in a one-of-a-kind partnership to assist chronically homeless adults connect to as many on-site services as possible in one day.
To do this more than 40 service providers move their operations to a single location for a day, providing dedicated healthcare, dental and vision screenings, mental health interviews, case management, social security applications, identification services, employment resources (including for veterans), shelter and housing assessments, and much more. Volunteers are trained to assist clients navigate the array of services based upon priorities established by the client. The goal for the event, and its high level of volunteer involvement, is to eliminate some of the barriers people experience as they seek to access the very services that might help them start the return journey to stable lives."

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