Friday, April 10, 2009

SNAFU BMX posting

Thanks to McGoo for posting about Books on Wheels Spring Tour 2009 to New Orleans on the SNAFU BMX website.

"Books On Wheels Hits New Orleans

Last winter we donated a bunch of SNAFU repair parts (tires, cables, grips, seats, tubes) to Steve Crandall and his friend Shelly's awesome Books On Wheels is a free bike repair and book mobile that visits underprivileged neighborhoods around the country. These photos are from Shelly's recent trip to New Orleans. I'll let Crandall describe the impact this program made on the kids in Crescent City"(McGoo):

"I just got home from New Orleans, where we went with the Books on Wheels/Free Bike Repair. We hit up bike projects, community centers, and schools, donating books, Bikes, Helmets, and free bike repair. Local New Orleans BMXers even came out to lend a helping hand. Even 4 years after Katrina, New Orleans is still pretty messy, and the poorer areas are generally neglected. You should see how stoked kids get when they drag these rusty broken down bikes through the neighborhood, to wherever we were set up, and they ride out, smiling, popping wheelies, and the like. Thanks for the donation. We all know what a cruise down the street on 2 wheels can do for all of us, especially these kids who have limited resource".
Steve Crandall

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