Monday, May 18, 2009

Books on Wheels: the Non-Mobile Version

Friends!! Books on Wheels is actively looking for a space to rent (or to have donated to us for use) to open a Community Center where we can take our mobile operation and make it a little more grounded. These are the perks of this in no particular order:

1. We can take more donations and store them
2. We will have room to become more organized with our books and bicycle parts
3. We will offer a free bookstore!
4. We will offer free classes on bicycle maintenance and repair!
5. This could be a tax-write off for someone who donates us space
6. We can now take people up on their offers to VOLUNTEER in a space
7. I will have something to do with my free time this summer (big plus)

SO, if anyone has any connects in the Church Hill area, that is where we would like to be. No need for bus parking at a space, but a garage is ideals.

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