Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Books on Wheels is Opening a Thrift Store!

Hello Friends!

Ward and I are happy to announce that Books on Wheels is opening a Thrift Store in the Northside area of Richmond. The store is located at

302 W. Brookland Park Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23222

We will function as other thrift stores do in selling you gently used merchandise donated to us from the community, but with a few Books on Wheels specialties to look forward to! This volunteer run, non-profit thrift store will provide:

Free books! All the time, always free!

Functioning bicycles for sale. Never buy another thrift store bicycle that you can’t ride away on!

We will not be providing free bicycle repair in store, but we will be holding classes TBA that teach bicycle repair and as always, Books on Wheels will hold events in the neighborhoods with our buses so we can fix bikes during those occasions!

What we need now is support from the community to get us starting. Currently, we are asking for donations of any kind to the store before opening our doors. Also, we always need and greatly apprieicitate monetary donations so we purchase the following items that we need:

Supplies to build book shelves

Clothes Racks and clothes hangers to organize clothing donations
A Cash Register


Donate to Books on Wheels Here!!

Thanks for your support! We are going to open our doors as soon and will be back with more information!!

Just a reminder, here is information about Books on Wheels:

Books on Wheels is a Richmond, Virginia based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations that provides free books and free bicycle repair. As a mobile operation, Books on Wheels is able to travel to many different communities in Richmond and around the country to provide our services. We work with various other organizations in order to provide to their clients as well as people in their communities. Our services are available to anyone and everyone, yet we do have a concentration in working with at-risk youth in low-income neighborhoods. Currently, we are working on occupying a space within Richmond so we can expand our operation to provide free books and offer bicycle repair classes at a particular location. Our new project will allow for more volunteer participation, as well as ability to reach more people within the community.

Our Mission:

Books on Wheels is dedicated to promoting literacy and maintaining healthy, active lifestyles, while providing much need resources to our communities that lack access to free books and bicycle education. Through literature and bicycle education Books on Wheels works to provide empowering tools that they can use within their communities. In concentrating in working with youth, Books on Wheels strives to encourage young people to read and to learn skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Donate Online through Network for Good!

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