Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ward's Email

"Here's a great story: I was just at the Books On Wheels Thrift Store:
Books, Bikes, and Beyond, helping Shelley and Erin install a security
system, and an elderly gentleman from the neighborhood came in.
He was looking for a coat for a 10 year old girl he had seen walking
to school this morning with no jacket. He felt bad for her, and wanted
to help. Luckily, he came to the right place; within 5 minutes, Shelley
had 3 different options for him, all under $5 and in great shape. He
wasn't sure of her size, so he bought 2. If we had any doubt about
opening the store, this kind man took care of it.
Shelley did let me know that while she has been getting plenty of women's
clothes, we are hurting for donations of men's clothing. So, gentlemen,
get correct with your wardrobe, let go of those old Levi's and Oxfords
and Izods, update your look, and hook us up in the process. Donations
are accepted from 10-6, Tuesday-Saturday at 302 W. Brookland Park Ave."


wabisabishop said...
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halcyon bike said...

ward and shelley-

i am so excited to hear about your new store. you two are so inspiring and awesome...i think a retail space is such a creative, smart way to help the program grow. i am seriously so into what you are doing! i put something about it on my shop's website. the next time you are on tour, please come to nashville! we will throw you a huge party. and i can't wait to come check the store out when i am in rva again.

elise tyler