Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gearing up for the road...

Wow, blogging rules! Too bad blog is the dumbest word ever invented.

Evan and I had a cool morning driving the new bus around Richmond,picking up bicycles and visiting Audio Express to get the sound system figured out so we can listen to something other than the unbelievably loud roar of the engine while on tour. At one point while driving down Patterson Ave. in the far West End I realized that there was a new noise in bus that I hadn't heard yet. It sounded like a plastic bag had caught some wind but I couldnt see it, so I asked Evan to look around and find it and put an end to its freedom.When he couldnt find said plastic bag in the bus, I realized that it was outside of the bus, right in arms length of the drivers seat, blowing frantically around. It so happens that last week I had been spray painting and left a bag full of spray paint cans hanging; forgeting about this before beginning our drive this morning, the cans are now discarded all over the city, probably having left bright blue spots on the road. Oops.

"And you call yourself an environmental group?!?"

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