Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tour is "booked"!

Here is the line up! Thanks to Jim Callahan (you might know him as Barf) for the awesome t-shirt design. As well, thanks to all of our sponsors listed below:

March 7th: Greensboro, NC:
Glenwood Public Library
1901 W. Flordia St.
5 pm

Greensboro HIVE
1214 Grove. St.
226-617-53283 pm
3 pm
March 8th: Pensacola, FL:
Sluggo's Vegetarian Parking Lot
2403 Crevantes St.
3 P.M.
March 9th: New Orleans, LA:
Jefferson Parish Recreation Department

March 10th: New Orleans, LA:
Rubarbikes (Rusted Up Beyond All Recognition Bikes)
on the corner of Tonti and Gallier in the Upper 9th Ward

March 11th: New Orleans, LA:
Israelite Baptist Church
2100 Martin Luther King Blvd.
2-6 pm

March 12th: New Orleans, LA:
Young Audiences
615 Baronne St.

March 13th: Austin, TX:
Starcleaner Parking Lot Party!
Typewriter Museum12 noon-10 pm

March 14th: Austin, TX

March 15th: Austin, TX

Books on Wheels Spring Tour '08 is proudly sponsored by:
Ipamena Cafe: Richmond, VA
Cafe Ole: Richmond, VA
Chop Suey Books: Richmond, VA
Candyland Music: Richmond, VA
Need Supply: Richmond, VA
The Yarn Lounge: Richmond, VA
821 Café: Richmond, VA
Jonny Z fund: Richmond, VA
Uptown Copy: Richmond, VA
New York Deli: Richmond, VA
The Book Bank: Richmond, VA
Richmond Re-Cycles: Richmond, VA
DVS Shoe Company: Torrance, CA
Suffolk Librarians Association: Suffolk, VA
Plan 9 Music: Richmond, VA
John the III: Columbia, MD
Crooks and Creatures Books: Richmond, VA
Pibby’s: Richmond, VA
K8: Richmond, VA
Found Magazine: Ann Arbor, MI

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