Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our first snow

Ward and I left Thursday night to head up to Rochester for a few days with the bus. I slept through most of the night, waking up occasionally to ask Ward if he was doing alright driving on his 10-hour first-time-in-the-snow-with-the-bus haul straight to NY. He would tell me he was fine, encourage that I not actually look outside the window to see really how bad the weather had gotten, and later refer to the entire thing as nothing more than an "experience" even after we almost rolled backwards down a steep hill in a dunkin donuts parking lot at 4 in the morning. What a trooper.

Upon arriving in Rochester, we immediately went to the George Eastman house to use the bathrooms and say hi to our friend Patti. We parked and approached the cafe where an older gentleman was already waiting for the doors to be opened. We stood in the cold together for just a moment before the man said to us, "Is that your bus?". We responded with alternating nods and yeses, as he gazed across the parking lot at Moby. He then continued, in a very Large Marge fashion by saying,

"I like your bus. It reminds me of a bus a good friend of mine had. Actually, it was a lot like your bus. She drove all around the country in that bus. Ran it off of grease or something, going around trying to help the environment. Yeah, it was a sad story though. She died in that bus. Driving around down in New Orleans, car just ran her right off the road. Well, see you later!" and exits quickly into the cafe.

"As we were driving up North, I was thinking, our bus would not do well in a high speed chase".

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