Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Richmond's Finest

The cops in Richmond have been busting people for not having bicycle lights for a while now. In the city, it is required that to ride at night, you need a front light, so all that on-coming traffic can see you. You are not required to have a rear light, so when you are riding with traffic, which is safe and highly recommended ALL the time, cars behind you can't see you, unless you happen to be wearing some crazy hyper color shit. Anyway, this is a new one I heard last night; a buddy got pulled over at 3 in the morning for WRECKLESS DRIVING on his bicycle for riding without this hands on his handlebars. Wow. And then the cop had the audacity to tell him that they were overstaffed for the night and really cracking down on everyone. AND THEN the cop refused to give him a ride and made him walk his bike home fifteen blocks in the middle of the night!

I am amazed. I can't wait to see the news tonight and see how many crime stoppers are asking for help since the Richmond police for some reason weren't around when 4 people got shot and countless robberies occurred. It's because they are busy kicking people out of the public park behind my house in the middle of the day for sleeping and telling my friend Anna that when a dude flashes her outside of the store she works in that she shouldn't worry, "he's a local". Ahhh, Richmond's Finest.

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john m said...

It really depends on where you are, I think. This kind of "law enforcement" sounds very VCU/Fan/Museum District. I be very surprised to hear about something like this coming from the East End.

I got harassed by an eager police officer on the 700 block of Grace Street years back for riding my skateboard. I was en route home from work, he insisted that I was playing in the street. It took years of direct exposure to decent police to shake the notion that most cops are assholes that encounters like that only enforced.