Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Relaxing for a bit

We haven't been doing much of anything since returning from tour. The rest of the summer is packed for both Ward and I outside of Books on Wheels, so we have been keeping our events to a minimum for the next month or so. We have been spending time discussing how we want to work in the future, and for the first time since we bought the big bus in December, the small bus has been cleaned and restocked with bike parts and such for local events when needed. A few new things coming up soon, but before I spill beans all over the Internet, I want to make sure things pan out as planned. More on that soon. Anyone in Richmond know a good diesel mechanic? Ours moved to Fredricksburg, and Moby isn't shifting properly, and its due time for a check up (and as usual, we don't have any money).

The bus made a few appearances over the holiday weekend, escorting quite a few people to some water-related events. First, Hadad's Lake on the 4th, and then an Aquabattle at a boat launch on the southside. Both were fun, even though we unfortunately we weren't able to help Scott out with his air compressor, and all the fake blood he brought couldn't be used to squirt at people, but at least it worked for give people rides home. When it stormed at Hadad's, we fit 17 people, 2 mopeds, and 4 bikes in the bus! Good times.

Oh, RVA Magazine is hosting a critical bash bike ride, which is to be a benefit for BOW. More details later.
(photo by Stephen Crandall)

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