Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 28th: Harrisonburg, VA, Our Community Place Lawn Jam

Harrisonburg is one adorable place. I used to spend a lot of time in Harrisonburg because of my friends from high school who attended James Madison University after graduation lived there. My sister also went there for a semester, so I would make the two hour drive from Richmond to Harrisonburg quite frequently. Its beautiful, quite, and in the mountains, and full of people that are doing some really amazing things. Both Ward and I were really stoked to visit.
We arrived on Friday evening to Marrianna's house, a friend of Kate (Ward's girlfriend) and Ward's, only a few moments before Kate arrived, having driven up from Richmond to visit for the weekend. Ward and I polished off some Roti's that we got before leaving Philly and we all chatted, ending the night really early on the quite porch.

The next morning we woke and went to eat at the Little Grill Collective, a restaurant collective that serves awesome veggie and vegan food. Really incredible how this place is run and the dedication that is involved. They also have musical events, and if you don't finish your meal, you don't have to feel bad because it goes to the pigs! Check it out here:
The event we were setting up at was right across the street at a new community center that is right on the verge of opening called Our Community Place. Check it out here:

The whole day was filled with music, FREE BURRITO BAR, tea and lemonade (of course we made Arnold Palmer's), volleyball tournament, horseshoe tournament, slip and slide, a yard sale, and a lot of other wackiness. We fixed a few bikes, got a chance to talk to the local bike project located in the yard of the OCP, which was this really nice shed were bikes were fixed and stored and sold for super cheap to get people riding who really needed bikes.

After a few hours, we loaded up, and I headed back to Richmond, leaving Kate and Ward to visit for another night. I was ready to go home, even after such a sort amount of time on the road. We had a long week, and it was sad that I was returning alone, but as I drove through the mountains, I came to a point where I was barrelling down this hill, coasting at 65 miles per hour, with the clutch in and the gears in neutral, and for three minutes the engine wasn't roaring and it was almost quite, and I got a chance to call Ward and tell him how cool it was, and how I couldn't believe how fast I was going and for so long, and how I wish he was there because he loves coasting in the bus. It was a pretty perfect ending.

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