Friday, June 6, 2008

Joel (is) the (best) intern (ever)

Joel who came on our spring tour with us is a super awesome dude and a great friend. He was in Richmond the other day and it was way awesome to see him, and it reminded me of what a blast we had traveling together, as well as some of the finer quotes that came out of Joel's mouth during the trip. Here are a few from our favorite intern!

I found this flyer in a bathroom at a bar in New Orleans, and I take it off the wall and bring it to our booth, and ask Joel and Ward to look at it and tell me what is funny about it. Ward notices pretty quickly that the funny part is that this cat has been badly photo-shopped as a cello and the cat is upside and HUGE. Joel takes a little longer at looking at it, and then says, " Hey, there is no way that's real! The cat doesn't even have strings on it!"

Right before we leave for the trip Ward is explaining to Joel the bathroom situation in the bus. Erin and I have these big plastic bins that we would be using, since stopping for a pee breaks would take way too much time. But, I guess the explanation wasn't totally clear, because upon seeing these pee bins, Joel figured that were we would be doing ALL of our bathroom business on the bus, and didn't comment on it, but kept it to himself, feeling weird about thinking that we would be pooping on the bus in front of one another.

The last day of our tour before heading home, we were in Austin, TX and Joel, Ward, and I had woken up in the bus super early and decided to drive over to the park where we were meeting up with some people before heading out on the road in the afternoon. Since the weekend had consisted of getting free stuff almost everywhere, like vitamin water and ice cream and gum, we figured we might be able to score some free stuff at this event as well. We get to the park way before anyone else, and only a few people are setting up tables and wandering around. We are searching to see if there are any goods we can snag with out being charged, but it seems pretty dry so early in the morning. Joel and I decide to sit down in this one shaded spot, and Joel notices someone close by rolling out this banner across the front of a table and the first word on the banner is "FREE", and he's reading very excitedly as its being unveiled, saying "Free!? Free!? Free Burma!? Aw, man!"

We love you, Joel!


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