Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mosby Court: Martin Luther King Elementary School

This is by far one of our favorite places to hangout because the neighborhood is so full of kids and adults who ride bikes and get really stoked when we come by. Our friend John who is a teacher at the Middle School where we set up did all the flyering for the event, riding his bike around a couple days before, telling people to come out for some free bike repair and books. I arrived around 11 a.m. and it was scorching outside, but people still came out to stand around on the concrete and chill really hard while John and I fixed flats and what not. Not only that, people were helping, doing their own patching, changing out their own inner tubes. Whoa! I can't thank the woman who brought us the bucket of ice water from her house enough for her thoughtfulness, and the girls who brought their sun-brellas who stood next to John, shading him as worked hard in the heat. I love friendly and nice people!!!!

Coolest thing I heard:
Six year old kid: "Why did you paint the bus?"
Me: "Why, don't you like it?"
Six year old kid: "Gets some 23's on there and then I'll be ready to deal with it."


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john m said...

Hey Shelley!

Thanks again for coming out yesterday. Anytime that y'all want to come back, let me know & I'd be glad to help out.