Monday, June 23, 2008

I love our friends...

New York Deli is the best!!!!! The benefit was so much fun, even the dude from the beach party bus barefoot and came in and left three different times, each time knocking over the sandwich board outside, once while I was standing against it, so it just kinda bounced off me. Scott won the bike raffle and I think he was a little stoked on it! Thanks to everyone who came out. Major huge hugs to John Gethins and his dog grooming business. We love you, buddy!

Oh, and we met the lovely folks from Art of Wheels last night. They bring art classes to kids in communities and they are incredibly sweet people who care about doing cool stuff with kids. I love that. Check them out:

And VCU TV is coming on tour with us! The whole time! To video the dumb crap that Ward and I say! STOKED!

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