Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 27th: Baltimore, CSAFE

We left Philly early on Friday morning to make it to Baltimore for an event that started at noon. Since Ward and I were on our own, I couldn't take an pictures of the event, because the minute we arrived and unloaded, we were swamped with people in need of bike repair. CSAFE had a free cooked out, and supplied was with tons of free water, which was greatly needed in the heat, working in a parking lot with no shade. At one point, the line that had formed that was self regulated got a little tense when two people argued over who was next, but the situation was quickly resolved when we promised to at least get to everyone that was present at that time.
By the last hour, we could tell it was going to be difficult to finish with everyone, so the president of CSAFE helped us out by asked the crowd if anyone knew how to fix their own bike, and provided tools and parts if they would just start working and helping others. Teenagers stepped up to the task, taking off wheels and changing tubes, and it always is really motivating and awesome to see everyone working together. By 3 o'clock we had to retire, because we had a 5 drive ahead of us to Harrisonburg, making it an 8 hour driving day, and we knew we would be exhausted from it.

On the way to Harrisonburg, we passed Dinosaurland, and Ward and I stopped to check it out and take a break. We pulled the bus into the parking lot, walking into the gift shop to buy tickets, and the woman who ran the place said she was closing in 5 minutes (at exactly 6:40). We were bummed not to get to check out the replicas of dinosaurs and sharks and King Kong. She made a comment about noticing the bus rolling in, and I think she saw the bus and figured we were going to unload more like 60 people instead of two, and decided to close so not to have to wait.

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