Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The worst

I am seriously not trying to be negative because that's stupid and 99% of our events are amazing and so great, but Ward and I were talking about this last night for one reason or another at trivia night at Cous Cous, having a laugh before our team "Team Wolf Too" lost, which wasn't as funny. We decided this particular event was Books on Wheels "Worst Event Ever" to date.
Last summer we were scheduled to set up at a local Richmond Library, and I honestly can't remember which one The library has a huge parking lot and is surrounded by a huge amount of grassy lawn, and there is one big tree in the front, no where near the library, parking lot, or sidewalk. The library was also located on a really busy street with nothing around it so people are driving like 60 mph and no one at all is walking down the sidewalk in any direction. Ward and I go in and tell the librarian that we are there; she couldn't care less about our arrival. She just sort of shrugged her shoulders and carried on with her business.

We head back outside and decide to set up underneath the tree to get some shade, so we drag the books and tools out of the bus and across the grass, which is probably a 30 yard distance. We set our sandwich board on the sidewalk, out of the way of the pedestrians that weren't walking around, and had a seat, waiting to serve the public . After about 45 minutes of absolutely no one coming by or any even going into the library, a car pulls up to the side walk, and a woman gets out of the passenger seat. I get up and walk towards the car, preparing to explain to her what we are doing and encourage her to take some books, when she cuts me off and says, "You can't have you board here. You have to move it off the sidewalk. Its city code". I look over and notice that her car has the Richmond City emblem on it and she must have been the official "sandwich board sidewalk clearer". My jaw dropped, and like always, my brain didn't react before she was back in the car and they were driving away. I walked back to Ward, said a few bad words, and we both said "fuck it" and packed up and left, not even bothering to let anyone know we were leaving 2 hours early. It didn't seem to matter because the only two people who knew we were there didn't care that we were there and didn't want our shit on the sidewalk. Oh well.

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