Thursday, December 11, 2008

And we are done...

Ward and I got finished dropping off books yesterday to all the organizations we are working with for the holidays. Pretty miraculously, the weather was really really warm, and so nice for driving around and unloading books, and after two days of doing this, I arrive to the last stop in Church Hill and the bus breaks down. Or more accurately, will not start anymore.

At least we are finished and its not too much of a headache right now, but it was only two months ago that we got the transmissions repaired and now we have more problems. I got the bus towed out of Church Hill back to its home, and hopefully it will stop raining long enough to try to take it into the shop. Thanks again to everyone that helped us again, it seemed like people were pretty stoked about our donations. These are the fine organizations that we dropped books off with this season:

Richmond Friends of the Homeless
Clark Springs Elementary School
Bon Secour Health Systems
Richmond Early Childhood Development Initiative
Jackson-Fields Homes

The bike sale is still Saturday at the Clothes Rack unless the weather stays like this, then I don't know what the plan will be....maybe we will hold the sale inside the bus. Who knows.


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