Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spring Tour least for now

Yes, we still spring break even though I am not in college anymore. Its just too much fun. Here is what we are looking for, or at least hoping for in March!

Books on Wheels Spring Break Tour 2008!
Friday March 13th: Greensboro, NC
Sat. March 14th: Athens, GA
Sun. March 15th: Pensacola, FL
Mon. March 16th: New Orleans, LA
Tues. March 17th: New Orleans, LA
Wed. March 18th: New Orleans, LA
Thurs. March 19th: or somewhere on the way to TX?
Fri. March 20th: Austin, TX
Sat. March 21st: Austin, TX
Sun. March 22nd: Austin, TX

and then we head home.. ..

We are open to suggestions for places, locations, stops, eats, or anything and all of this is subject to change based on booking, which I will most likely be working on until the minute we leave. Looking forward to being on the the road!


john m said...

Y'all interested in setting up a Church Hill date before it gets all hot out? :)

Books on Wheels said...

Yeah john! Let me know... maybe right after tour . .definitely before it gets too hot out! We love coming to Church Hill

Katie said...