Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bike Sale and the end of our 2008 events! Goodbye to another year...

We got rid of quite a few bikes today and hopefully people were stoked on being able to pick up 5 dollar bikes. Thanks to the Clothes Rack, Anna and Mark, for having us, and everyone that came by this afternoon. We still have a few kids bikes if anyone is interested... picture of the inside of the bus pre-sale and then the parking lot. We love parking lots.

Anyway, we don't have anything planned for the rest of the year and more likely until our tour in March. I will post the tour dates and locations really soon, and then we can start filling in actual events. Heading down south again, chasing the warm weather. Thanks to everyone for an awesome 2008 for Books on Wheels!!


lauren said...

shelley do you have any tandem bikes for sale?

Books on Wheels said...

no... thats a tough one to come by. But if we do come across one I will let you know!