Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Austin, TX

We arrived in Austin on Wednesday night to the sweet surprise of Sam, Starr, Stella, and Stevie (seriously) meeting us at the bus parked on 6th St. outside of the house that Books on Wheels was to set up at the next day. A lovely surprise after a 10 hour drive to Austin. We relaxed in the bus for a bit before everyone parted ways and we got some sleep. Realized that parking on a slope and trying to sleep on the loft doesn't work that well.
The next morning we woke up to a crowd beginning to form for the all-day show in Brian's back yard. He has a really cool goat that chills in the backyard. Our friends Shell and Jen made sure we had a good parking spot for the event, and we got to meet Stan at the Auto Body shop who told us all about Brad Pitt filming a movie in his neighborhood and brought us a bike to fix for his niece who was coming into town to stay with him.
Friday was our day off in Texas before returning home. We left the bus again parked outside of Stan’s Auto body shop, had some coffee and relaxed with Shell and Jen before heading into the chaos of SXSW. The group split up after a while of wandering around, and I heading to meet up with Starr and Stella to help with another form of providing something free to the public- Ice Cream Man. Ice Cream Man had two carts giving away pistachio, mango, kiwi, pina colada, and strawberry flavors. I asked Ward and Joel how much they thought I could eat in one afternoon- Ward said 11 and Joel said 9 Popsicles. I was impressed with their confidence in my ability to taking in food substance, but after only 4 delicious treats, the sugar was not settling well in my stomach and I gave up on my personal eating contest.

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