Monday, March 10, 2008

Pensacola to New Orleans, LA

Civil Rights hits the Pecan Market.

We woke up early to head to New Orleans, being sure to give ourselves plenty of traveling time considering that the drive down to Pensacola from Greensboro sometimes felt like we were moving backwards because it took so long and we were moving so slow. It was another beautiful day, and Ward was amped to do the entire drive to the Crescent City, so I sat shotgun (the cooler next to the driver’s seat) and played music while keeping Ward company. At one point in the trip, I saw a photo opportunity and quickly demanded that Ward hand me my camera located on the other side of the drivers seat. He grabbed it, stuck it in my hand, and said, “Don’t talk to me like I’m Joel!”. Fortunately, at the moment, the intern was sleeping (as he tends to do) and missed the comment, but the phrase was coined for the rest of the trip as a means for Ward and me to keep on another in check when it comes to respect.

We arrived in New Orleans and decided to take the day off and bike around and relax since we did'nt officially have an event planned. The afternoon consisted of eating poboy’s in the park while explaining to Joel the detail the story, line by line, behind Rubert Holmes “Escape”, visiting the casino for free bottles of water, and a short but taxing trip to Bourbon St. that ensured we would never return for another visit.


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