Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Israelite Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA

Once again Rev. Larry has us back for an amazing event outside of Israelite Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Blvd. in New Orleans. We arrive and began setting up a little before the kids arrive for the after school tutoring program, and had a steady flow of kids and adults that came by that had hung out with us almost exactly a year ago the first time we went to NOLA. Ward was fortunate enough to meet and talk to an elementary school teacher who invited us to her school the following day to bring books to her students and relieve them of some of the stress of the week-long testing that they were doing while we were in town . At the end of the day, we received a generous donation of incense for fixing a bicycle, which we never burned in the bus, but opening the packaging alone took away some of the smell, of well, just being four people in a bus for a week.

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Crescent Prophet said...

These programs are so much appreciated in the community. We commend Rev. Emanuel Smith, and his associate minister, Rev. Larry Campbell, for the care and compassion they display for the whole community.

O C Coleman
Community Outreach Consultant