Saturday, March 1, 2008

My top half

Ward and I put out these boxes along broad street a few months back which we fill up with free books every couple days or so. A kid did this in Chicago and its a really great way to distribute books, especially adult literature we don't get rid of as easily as children's books (not like porn adult, like grown-up no pictures books).

I went to go fill up one of the boxes this morning at a the bus stop on 9th and main, and as I'm loading in books, a city bus stops next to me and the driver opens the door. I figured she was going to make a comment about how I had stopped in the bus lane and I should move my car so she could pick up her passengers, but instead she says, "You're top half is hanging out", and she's laughing at me. Confused and distracted by my task at hand, I keep shoveling books in while asking her, "What? What?".

The bus driver repeats herself and tells me I need to fix my shit before I cause an accident. It finally registered--shes' talking about my butt crack. I stood up and adjusted my pants, laughing my top half off as she drives away.
Ward: "That's weird. I'm always worried about my bottom half hanging out".

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Tracy said...

hahhahaaaaa! why haven't i heard this story before???