Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The book boxes

We haven't done a lot lately, and one of those things is filling up the book boxes that are out on Broad St. located at 9th and Broad and 2nd and Broad. The boxes are old newspaper boxes that now function as a source for free books for anyone. I try to go by a couple times a week to fill them up, and amazingly they always empty immediately. A lot of times I don't even get a chance to unload the books into the boxes before people are scrambling for them. But with the small bus out of commission for now, and there is no way I'm driving the big bus in mid-afternoon Broad St. traffic, thought i would write stories about my visits to fill the boxes in the past:

Upon arrive to fill up the book box outside of the market on 2nd and Broad st., where a bunch of people tend to congregate during business hours, a guy proceeds to keep the box door open as i shoved books in, a proudly screams over and over : " READ A BOOK, (explicate word)! READ A BOOK (explicate word)!" to everyone on the corner to promote the newly arriving literature. It was quite a site.

A guy at the bus stop at 9th and Broad told me as i was filling up the book boxes that his favorite day is any day that the bookmobile comes by and fills up the boxes.

A woman at 2nd st. told me not to be afraid to come by every day and fill up the boxes, with confidence that possibly i wasn't coming by every day due to intimidation. It was quite a wonderful tactic of convincing through this challenge: " Now don't be scared to come by here everyday. its ok, just come on by and don't worry about stopping any time".

A guy asked me if we had any free cell phones in the bus.

And the top half story:
I went to fill up one of the book boxes and as I'm loading in books, a city bus stops next to me and the driver opens the boor. I figured she was going to make a comment about how i had stopped in the bus lane and that i should move my car so she could pick up her passengers, but instead she says, " You're top half is hanging out", and shes laughing at me. Confused and distracted by my task at hand, i kept shoveling books in while asking her, "What? What?".

The bus driver repeats herself and tells me i need to fix my shit before i cause an accident. It finally registered she is talking about my butt crack. I stood up and adjusted my pants, laughing my top half off as she drives away.


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