Monday, August 11, 2008

Jonny Z festival

Saturday was a blast at the jonny z festival outside of Joe's Inn on Shields. I don't have any photos because I had to borrow my roommates camera for the event, and then forgot the memory card, and realized this only after having attempted to take a picture and was denied. Anyone have pictures they want to send me, i would love to post them here or on the website. We had a leak during the event, and Hippie helped me find the hole in the anti-freeze line; a little bit of tape and a trip to the local gas station and the problem was temporarily fixed, at least enough to get us back to Oregon Hill. A whole ton of people came out, including my parents, who were denied access by a 7 year old onto the bus because they did not know the password, which was not "my daughter owns this bus".


Anonymous said...

The fest was great! I took just a few pictures, but here they are:

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

I have a couple, mostly radio related but:

Cool! Meant to say hi!
(Bookmobile guy)