Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ward noticed this a long time ago and i hadn't thought of it until this afternoon while i was sitting at the mechanics, waiting to get a diagnosis of whats wrong with the little bus. Etched into the the key for the little bus is "SPOT"; Ward figured it was the name of the bus by the previous owner, Buzz, who ran a river rafting business and used the buses to haul people up and down the James. Today I noticed that the key for the big bus says "BOB". Its weird because I can't imagine calling them anything else that "Moby" and "Deez", but I love that they had names before we had them, like they're kids or something. Really big kids.

I'm going to check on the bus right now and find out whats up. Greg at Paradise Garage is awesome, go see him on Allen St. for your car repair needs. He thinks its an electrical problem with the bus not knowing when to shift because some wires may be disconnected.


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