Saturday, April 19, 2008

Earth Day!

Today we were booked for two Earth Day celebrations, one taking place on Mayo Island and the other at Three Lakes Park in Henrico. We arrived at the first event, and hung out for a while, seeing what earthy things that others had to offer, enjoying some free samples of trail mix, and chasing this crab around desperately trying to get a photo. We couldn't stay long and packed up after only about 2 hours to head out. We made it over to the park at about 1, where after driving around in circles in the parking lot for a while, set up right outside of the nature center where our friend Josie works. She was telling us about how they just got a new turtle and its name is Shelley, and Shelley the turtle shares an aquatic living space with Kermit the turtle. Amazing. So we poked around, a bit, asked Josie what they considered a seabiscuit to be, looked at the taxidermy animals, avoided the snakes, and was generally really stoked to know about this awesome FREE beautiful park. They had a lot of neat stuff going on for the day, like pygmy goats to pet, and ice cream, and free caricature drawings. Ward and I asked to have ours done while riding on segues, but she said she couldn't do it. I plan on adding them in later myself, only after I find a cop to ask what a segue looks like.
"I look like Steven Segal"

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