Wednesday, April 16, 2008

VCU Bike Round Up!

Today Ward and I spent the morning at the VCU Bike Round Up! giving away books to co-ed's that commute between classes via the commons, which is probably something like a quad, but with very little grass involved. Along with us was the VCU police department registering bicycles, which I guess is like giving it a license plate number, so if you do anything illegal on your bike the cops can track you down. Fixing bikes was Evan and Erin with Richmond Re-Cycles, and Chip with Pibby's Bicycle Shop. This was our second year attending the event, thanks to Martha, who lets us set up with the bus and distribute books even though we weren't needed to do bike repair at this event. They had free water and were conveniently located a short walking distance from Nate's Taco Truck which served us up delicious TVP tacos for lunch.

I arrived a little later than Ward to the event, and as I'm settling in a position behind our table, a Chinese ESL student is trying to ask Ward a question, but she knows very little english, asking Ward for "funny" books. Ward digs through some boxes, shows her what we have, and leaves her to choosing what she wants to take with her. Her choice ended up being " Down Home Talk", a humor book about learning southern dialect. Ward and I were amused, and almost felt kind of bad, thinking about this girl reading the book and learning English with a southern drawl and trying out weird "redneck" slang.

bt dubbs, We have decided on our summer tour dates. Look out for the big blue bus in the North:
June 21th: Baltimore, MD
June 22st: Philadelphia, PA
June 23rd: Philadelphia, PA
June 24th: Philadelphia, PA
June 25th: New York
June 26th: New York
June 27th: Pittsburgh, PA
June 28th: Harrisonburg, VA

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