Friday, April 18, 2008

Moby, and dog, get bathed

So i think it is kind of ridiculous to wash a vehicle, and very wasteful, but Moby was looking rough, and it was a great excuse to give my roommates dog, Ash, a bath. Don't worry, I used as little water as possible and organic soap. We are super busy this time of year, and Moby needs to look her finest for festivals, events, and toting around town. Reminds me of a few stories from last spring around this time...
Ward and I were asked to participate in a festival last spring, over email, that was taking place in Richmond and I replied saying we would be more than happy to be there, just let us know when and where. We received a response back from the organizer immediately saying that it was great that we could make it, and that we should just send in our application and the $50 fee for setting up and we would be good to go. I didn't realize that the event cost money to attend, so I wrote back explaining that since we give away everything for free and make no money (with the exception of wonderfully appreciated donations) that we could not afford to pay to be there, but asked if they would they be willing to waive the fee considering the circumstances. After not hearing back from anyone for a while, I asked Ward to write as well, just to make sure the lines of communication were as open as possible. Ward wrote, requesting the same, and again, we received no response. A few weeks before this event was to happen, Ward ran into the organizer and asked him if he had gotten our emails, and he said, yeah, and had written back-twice. Thinking that was sorta weird, but not dwelling on it, Ward asked him in person if he was willing to let us attend without paying, and after a round-about discussion, a straight answer never came up, other than that he still wanted 50 bucks from us, and we took it as a no, we are not welcome if we are not paying to be there. Ward and I decided that we would pass, and not worry about not getting a break, except that two days before the event we find out a friend of ours had their fee waived and were going to be working, making some bucks for charging people for their services. Discouraged, we decided to take matters into our own hands and we gracefully crashed the event by showing up in the bus. We arrived and asked a dude in the parking lot where we should park, and he pointed to a location directly next to the a stage where bands were playing and a few hundred people were hanging out watching, dead-center in the middle of this massive festival. So we set up and immediately people start crowding around the bus, taking books, and asking us what we are all about. After about an hour, Ward and I decide to take a walk and find some food, and as we moved past the crowd that was watching music, Ward sees the organizer, who had yet to see us OR the bus, and the guy very excitedly comes up to Ward and says "Thanks for being here!" and reaches out to shake his hand. Ward takes his hand, and with a firm grip, looks him in the eye and says, "No, thank you for having us".
Oh, and check this out on missed connections about Ward:

"Did you get rid of your beard hair after you shaved it off? I know this is weird, but can I have it? I'll pay you."
Erin actually does have the beard in a glass jar at home. She wants 500 buck O.B.O for the beard hair.

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