Thursday, April 17, 2008

Looking for parts

My old truck at the dump. Thanks to this incident, we had an excuse to buy a bus...

Today I went to Chesterfield Auto Parts to see if they ever have buses come through. I didn't think they did, and I was right, just a couple box trucks that didn't have what I was looking for. The difficult thing about having the buses is that it is really hard to replace stuff like weird lenses that look neat when lit up, but aren't something that auto stores just have lying around, or even truck stops a lot of the times.

The first time we ran across this issue and realized that it is not a quick one to remedy is when Ward and I were picking up a very large donation of books right outside of Richmond at an office complex and a few people were helping us load the books into the small bus. There is this small lens that covers a break light that is this wacky shape, like half an egg but longer and clear. This thing pops on and off with ease because it is not screwed onto anything, its just sitting there. So this little plastic lens pops off and starts bouncing all around the parking lot, and this guy helping us quickly reacts by trying to stop it from motion- with his foot. So now instead of one whole lens we had many many small lenses. The guy was super apologetic and felt real bad (I would have probably done the same thing had I been closer to the scene at the time) and I causally lied to him and told him it was no problem and that they were real easy to replace.

Anyway, entry to CAP is only a buck, and it was kinda nice just wandering around looking at the old cars, with their hoods and trunks popped. Its surprisingly quite and serene for so much metal and dudeliness.


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