Thursday, April 24, 2008

Little dudes, Little bikes

For as much as Books on Wheels hangs out with kids, I am still clueless. I don't really know how to talk to kids and the biggest accomplishment I have as far as interacting is watching my mouth, but I do know that kids are funny and way awesome to hangout with, especially like 30 preschool age kids ALL ON BIKES!!!!! Bon Aire Pre-School has Bike Week every year and our friend Abbie invited us to attend. The kids bring their bikes to the school, or the school provides bikes, and they just chill outside, make decorations for their bikes, blow up balloons, and enjoy the spring after spending so much time in the classroom all winter.

So I went to work on the little bikes, give away some books and hangout. The kids were amped, and so stoked to ride around in circles all morning, check out the bus, push some buttons, open and close the bus door 5 thousands times, and use the bike pump to inflate their cheeks. Adorable.
Major Hi-fives to the kid wearing the tye dye shirt, cruising all morning on the metal tricycle that I'm sure is older than I am, and the three-year-old who rode the wooden bike with no pedals and pushed himself around for like an hour straight. It was hot out there today; these kids are troopers.

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RVA Foodie said...

If you figure out how to talk to kids, let me know. I just had one.