Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Another day in paradise

I am really enjoying what some people might consider having too much free time, but having nothing to do right now after two years of being in school and working and doing Books on Wheels, slowing my roll has its perks. I'm drinking my coffee a little slower, getting a chance to visit Ward at work more often, and fixing bikes other than when we are at an event.
But this free time couldn't come at a better time, because we are looking at a really really crazy busy summer, working with READ ALOUD VIRGINIA to distribute some 13,000 books to kids in Richmond over the course of 8 weeks in July and August. There are a really cool organization that really likes books and kids, especially when adults are reading those books to those kids:
Ward and I googled our IRS agent this afternoon to see what he looks like. We figured that based on his voice there was a big possibility that he looked a lot like Wilford Brimley. We didn't actually find a photo of him, but other dudes with the same name came up with some interesting photos.
Check out the free book holder! Take a book, leave a book! Its so causal, exactly what I'm looking for in the upcoming leisureliness of the summer, its like hey man, do what you like, we don't care. AWESOME! Really stoked on the dudes that made this and put it up outside of Chop Suey Books.
We received a thank you card from our friend Penny at the NRC today that said
"The kids were thrilled with your mobook mobike action. I even saw someone let the air out of their tires so they could get some time with you!". So cute.

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