Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jonny Z!

Not that so many of us don't think about him everyday of our lives, but today we especially remember Jonny Z and how important and amazing he was to all of us. Anyone that ever was lucky enough to know him, congrats. I am constantly grateful to have known such a caring, wonderful, inspiring, energetic, and hopeful person. Not to mention incredibly hilarious and tons of fun. He had a perma-smile, and brighten any day.

A had to go to summer school after my freshman year of college because I failed a math class, and it was a super bummer to have to get up everyday for like 6 weeks and go sit inside and miss out of staying up late or going to the river or whatever because I slept through the class the first time. At this point, Jon and I had been hanging out for months, and had become close friends. He knew my bicycle, and he also knew the combination to my bike lock, so almost everyday I would come out this crappy class and their would be an "anonymous" note from someone about how much they liked the way I did math, or my bike would be hanging in a tree, locked up 8 feet in the air. I still don't know how he managed to do it by himself, but it made me smile every time.

I remember sitting with Jonny at a bar in New Orleans about 4 years ago, sharing a warm pitcher of beer, listen to an open mic night session at Checkpoint Charlie's. I don't remember exactly how the conversation went, but I do remember him telling me at some point that I could do whatever I want. I always thought of that, even before he passed away, and how much people need to here that and know it is true, and in so many ways I have always credited him for the things that I do. So, again, thanks to Jonny for being an inspiration and a dear friend.


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Katie said...

Bike in a tree? That is really funny and clever. I love hearing those kinds of stories because it seems so many of his friends have a zany Zanin story. One time my car was parked outside of 821 while I was in class and when I came back, "Justin Timberlake" had left a note on my windshield telling me he had been working hard on a new dance routine and he hoped I would see it soon. When I confronted Jonny w/the note he said he didn't know what I was talking about, but that Justin did get an egg and cheese biscuit to go.

What I would give to still have that note...I miss him too.