Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Neighborhood Resource Center

The Neighborhood Resource Center (NRC) is this really awesome community space located in Fulton Hill, where a bunch of really rad kids hang out and do activities and arts and they have computers and a recording studio. We arrived around 10 to a huge yard sale in the parking lot, where Ward and I found the finger photo, which is totally weird but hilarious. A whole lot of people came out, there was a fish fry, and we were able to sell a bunch of bikes for super cheap to help us drive around more.
A guy came up to us at one point who lived in the neighborhood while I was in the middle of trying to fix this kids bike that was in rough shape. The bike had a wacky 18 inch wheel, which we didn't have a replacement for, and I was starting to get punchy because the situation was beginning to get frustrating. The guy says to me that he saw a bike in the alley and was going to go get it for us. Sure enough, he returns like 3 minutes later with this abandoned kids bike-with an 18 inch coaster wheel in good condition on it, and I was able to use it to send this kid off with a working bicycle. We are truly blessed with heartwarming, bloggable stories.

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