Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer Tour is Booked

Yeah, so instead of trying to go to as many east coast cities as we possibly can in 10 days, Ward and I have decided to go to just a few spots for more time, and keep the out-of-town traveling to a minimum this summer. Not only because we are planning on taking the big bus, which makes hitting up big cities with small streets really difficult, diesel gas prices at 5 bucks a gallon are not easy on our wallets. We are stoked to spend time in these places that we will be visiting, so please come check us out! We plan on having as much fun as possible, and this trip involves the new edition of a grill to our bus.

June 24th: Philadephia, PA

41st and Ogden

June 25th: Philadephia, PA

Haddington Bicycle Shop

60th and Vine

June 26th: Philadephia, PA

51st and Kingsessing

June 27th: Baltimore, MD


1400 Federal St.

12-3 pm

Free and open to the public

June 28th: Harrisonburg, VA

Our Community Place Summer Lawn Jam
Free and open to the public

This is us in Philly last year, courtesy of Andy with Neighborhood Bike Works:


or our tour video, which is in three parts, even though its only like 10 minutes long:





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