Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damaged Goods

A few weeks ago, I got up to go to an event with the big bus, which I had moved from its home on the southside to my neighborhood the night before so I didn't have to deal with picking it up in the early morning. So the bus was parked near my house, with no cars around it, on the widest street in Oregon Hill. I start the bus, put it in gear, and go to pull away from the curb, without the need to even back up, and I hear this terrible noise, and think, "what?, I only moved like half a foot". Steve was with me and I let him out of the bus, and he checks it out, and comes back inside with the broken bits of a light lens that had been crushed up against a telephone poll. The polls lean quite a bit all over Richmond, and since the bus was so tall, even though at ground level it seemed like I was a fair distance from the curb, 10 feet up in the air I was parked right against the poll, and I managed to do some damage to the bus. I got really frustrated about breaking the light, and Steve ended up driving to to the event so I could calm down a bit. When we got there, I went to look at what I had done, and not only had I broken the light, I had ripped a gaping hole in the corner of the bus. I reluctantly showed Ward, who assured me it was fine, and upon returning the bus to the southside later that day, Steve and I pushed the metal back into shape as best we could, covered the hole with duct tape, and I went back and spray painted blue on top of the tape. Now it just looks like our bus has a soft spot, like an infant.
Oh, and it used to be funny that the windshield leaked, until I realized earlier this week that because of that, our radio crapped out from water damage. Brilliant of us not to fix that one.

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